Anonymous asked:

do you think when you visit portland state you could try and take some pictures? there isnt too many good ones online or they are all of the same thing and i was thinking about applying but i dont have the money to do a college visit at the moment

egg-rolls answered:

omfg right theres like two pictures of the entire campus but yeah man definitely!! i’m going in early novemeber, i’ll post some

for real tho why arent there any pictures is it even a real place

Hey all, I just wanted to show you our flickr site. Tons of PSU photos up in there. 



Studio Collective: Trash Talk Interviews from Chris North on Vimeo.

Students and faculty in graphic design at Portland State University are asked to consider the impact of waste when they create. They are surprised to find out the amount of garbage that is produced in one day at the Art + Design building. These interviews were conducted and filmed by Amanda Decker, a student of the ART 399 Studio Collective taught by Chris North.