Short Notice, but TONIGHT!!!!


So, if any of you are going to be downtown [tonight] after 5pm, I’ll be giving an elevator lecture at PSU for part of the open house. Either Yves Klein’s “Leap Into the Void” or Raphael’s “School of Athens”. 

Prior to being an Art Practices major, I was an Art History major.

Check this out!


tamogatchi asked:

Hi! I was just going through the portland state tag bc im a high school senior deciding which college and was wondering if you can tell me about the ~vibe~ of the school and about the campus life? I did a campus tour couple weeks ago but my main concern is that since PSU is such a big school, it might be harder to meet cool and down to earth people. I'm also looking for the stereotypical "college party" experience but i heard PSU students aren't big into the party tradition? is that true?Thanks!

perchancetodream94 answered:

Hey! I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to help you; I haven’t visited PSU yet, and don’t really know a whole lot about it. However, I’m sure meeting people wouldn’t be too much of a problem, since there are always events around campus and people you sit next to in class. Also, there are parties at every school, you just have to find the party crowd, I guess. I wish I were able to tell you more about PSU, but I don’t know much. 

Any PSU students on Tumblr able to help out Tamogatchi?